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Sugar ORM

Insanely easy way to work with Android Databases.


compile 'com.github.satyan:sugar:1.4'

It is intended to simplify the interaction with SQLite database in Android.

  • It eliminates writing SQL queries to interact with SQLite db.
  • It takes care of creating your database.
  • It manages object relationships too.
  • It provides you with clear and simple APIs for db operations

We felt the need for it while building Android apps that had following characteristics:

  • Fairly large and complex data model.
  • Primary work was to save/retrieve and iterate over the business objects.
  • Lot of boiler plate code for the db operations.
  • We wanted to write our business logic in less technical and more business fashion.

There are two parts to it:

  • database creation
  • simple APIs to manipulate your business objects

Get started by including Sugar ORM as part of your project. Read the "Getting Started" section for help.

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